@ made in 16 weeks.
@ the final size is 720x576 (PAL).

@ hardware used : some PCs.
@ software used :
Maya (complete), Shake,

| CREDITs  |



Realization: C.N. + V.M.

Scenario: Medhi, SEb, C.N. + V.M.
Storyboard: Annabelle, C.N. + V.M.
Machines: Mary, SEb, Karim, J.P.M, Medhi, Maud, Joel.
: Pierre KRAFT + Joel WALZ.










   [ Note that DivX/MPG compression are not able to reproduce the GRAiNulous effect of this film...]
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          the A+B=C's method


> compositing with shake
> footstep system.
> maya animation screen.

> all the lattices.
> head in cps.




For each scene at least 2 images are rendered : a background (statics elements like the wall, landscape), a foreground (moving elements like the men, machine).

Summarized in two words, the next step is just an addition of two different layers using their alpha channel.
This time saving technique has been used up to 5 different times (levels) for
the most complex situation of compositing.

A + B = C


        The GrainS Project has been made possible by the generous donations of Alias|Wavefront and by the the assistance of A|W's "Independant Artit's Program".