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  • I'm looking for :
    For the moment I'm not looking for a job... but if I'm the man... don't hesitate to contact me anyway!
  • My part of the job in "grain.S" :
    As we worked together in a "sharing task" mode during the most important part of the production time,
    It's simple : ALL, what cédric did not does!

  • Previous projects :
    Look at the Artisan's page.
  • Futurs projects :
    Contact me HERE.
  • Programs known :
    I am versatile and do not focus on any particular software package.
    But I have an advanced level with Maya, Xsi, Shake, Vegas, Protools, Photoshop, Illustrator, Xpress, Dreamweaver...
  • Studies :
    University : 5 years of architecture + 1 in computer animation.


        The GrainS Project has been made possible by the generous donations of Alias|Wavefront and by the the assistance of A|W's "Independant Artit's Program".